2023 Summer Lockage Schedule for Recreational Vessels on the Snake and Columbia Rivers

Navigation Notice: 202526/23-18
Date: 05/15/2023 09:00 thru 09/15/2023 21:30

The Walla Walla District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is implementing the 2023 summer lockage schedule for the passage of recreational vessels through the following navigation locks:

McNary Dam, Columbia River Mile 292

Ice Harbor Dam, Snake River Mile 9.7

Lower Monumental Dam, Snake River Mile 41.6

Little Goose Dam, Snake River Mile 70.3

Lower Granite Dam, Snake River Mile 107.5

The following annual recreational craft lockage schedule will be implemented beginning Monday, May 15, 2023:

Annual Seasonal Recreational Lockage Schedule Period May 15 through September 15, 2023

Upstream Traffic Downstream Traffic
9 AM 9:30 AM
12 PM 12:30 PM
3 PM 3:30 PM
6 PM 6:30 PM
9 PM 9:30 PM

When a recreational vessel lockage schedule is in effect, recreational vessels only will be allowed to lock through at the times designated for such lockages, and they will take precedence over commercial vessels. Commercial vessels will continue to be locked through upon arrival except during the times specified for recreational vessel lockages. At the discretion of the lock operator, recreational vessels may be allowed to lock through with commercial craft.

The Corps will consider special lockages, outside the above scheduled lockage times, for flotillas or other unique requirements sponsored by yacht clubs, marinas, and other groups, provided advance (at least 24-hours) arrangements have been made with the appropriate control room operator.

Contact the following control room operators via VHF-FM Channel 14 or commercial telephone for scheduling of special lockages:

McNary Chief Operator at (541)-922-2231. Call Sign: WUJ41 McNary.

Ice Harbor Chief Operator at (509)-543-3231. Call Sign WUJ42 Ice Harbor.

Lower Monumental Operator at (509) 282-7231. Call Sign WUJ43 Lower Monumental.

Little Goose Operator at (509) 404-3231. Call Sign WUJ44 Little Goose.

Lower Granite Operator at (509) 843-2231. Call Sign WUJ45 Lower Granite.

Everyone in the vessel must be wearing a personal floatation device throughout the duration of the lockage. All vessel owner/operators lock through at their own risk and must follow the directions of the lock operator when using the locks or operating in the vicinity of the locks. The lock operator has final authority on the suitability of a craft for lockage.

Information on how to safely lock a recreational vessel is available at Walla Walla District Navigation Mission (army.mil) .

For additional information on this matter please call Operations Division, at telephone (509) 527-7364 or email Kenneth.E.Koebberling@usace.army.mil.


Chief, Operations Division
Walla Walla District, USACE