$27 million contract awarded to repair Missouri River navigation structures

Midwest Construction Company, Nebraska City, Neb., was awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to make repairs to river training structures on the Missouri River on August 16. The $27 million for the repair work comes from the BIL—Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation—and is expected to be the first of several separate contracts awarded in the next 12 months to support navigation on the Missouri River. The repairs from this contract will be between river miles 140 to 260—approximately from Jefferson City, Mo., to Miami, Mo. The Kansas City Engineer District contracting officer, Dave Best, signed the task order award on August 11 as Col. Travis Rayfield, commander of the Kansas City District and several others from the project delivery team looked on yesterday. This contract was completed through a previously negotiated Multiple Award Task Order Contract known as a MATOC. “The MATOC is made up of small businesses that have supported the Missouri River navigation mission for many years. This contracting tool allowed us to quickly get work going on these crucial repairs,” said Best, team lead and contracting officer for the civil contracting branch. Future repair contracts will be advertised on www.sam.gov with overall authorizations for up to $200 million in repairs to the mostly rock structures which redirect the river’s current to self-scour the navigation channel. “This award will get the rock rolling. The dikes and revetments that will be repaired over the next couple years with these contracts are critical to maintaining momentum for our navigators who, through barge transportation, are tying the Midwest to shipping on the Mississippi River and on to the world,” said Dane Morris, program manager, Navigation Restoration for the Kansas City District.

August 23, 2022: MarineLog