Ports of Indiana – Burns Harbor: Public Notice for Request for Qualifications


Public Notice for Request for Qualifications

Ports of Indiana – Burns Harbor

Oct. 28, 2021

Planning, Study, And Concept Development for Pilot Renewable Energy Project


Notice is hereby given that the Ports of Indiana (“POI”) is issuing this request for qualifications (“RFQ”) for professional engineering and consulting services for planning, study and concept development for a pilot renewable energy project at the Ports of Indiana – Burns Harbor (“Port), as more specifically described below (the “Project”). POI is seeking qualified professional engineers and other qualified individuals and/or consulting firms to, among other things, conduct systematic evaluations of existing Port infrastructure and best available and emerging technologies to inform the development of a microgrid at the Port, including an initial pilot renewable energy project for the Port. The Project is funded under an Indiana Office of Energy Development Grant, Grant No. 00055829, (“Grant”) and has a strict completion deadline for funding.

Services must be performed and completed (including submission of all deliverables) no later than June 30, 2022. Also, as the Grant includes federal funds, procurement of the requested services be in accordance with the Brooks Act (qualification-based process). POI will accept Statements of Qualifications (“SOQs”) via email to Andrea Hermer, Chief Operations Officer at ahermer@portsofindiana.com until 2:00 p.m., EST on November 30, 2021.

Consultants interested in obtaining a copy of the RFQ and supporting documents, including:

(A) Project Description and Services Requested;

(B) Standard Form of Professional Consulting Services Agreement;

(C) Profit Rate Matrix;

(D) Selection Rating Sheet; and

(E) DBE Participation Certification Form,

should submit their request in writing to the Ports of Indiana, attn: Angela Sedam, Administrative Assistant, at 150 W. Market Street, Suite 450, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 or by email at asedam@portsofindiana.com.