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The Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority, (hereinafter called “Port”), is a Political Subdivision recognized under Chapter 68 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. The statutory purpose is to increase volume of commerce in its port district which is Howard and Cooper County, Missouri.


➢ The Port is requesting proposals from entities interested in operating a facility in its entirety.

➢ While current infrastructure encourages the handling of grain, the Port is interested in working with an operator with the vision to maximize diversity of commodities which are loaded and unloaded at the Port facility. Communication of that vision should be addressed in any proposals submitted to the Port.

➢ The Port would like to maintain a presence in the development of the facility, as a Political Subdivision it will continue to search and attempt to acquire grant funding in the development of the facility. Included in any final agreement will be a provision which will address increased renumeration to the Port based upon its relative contribution of adding or improving facilities at the Port.

➢ The proposal should address renumeration to the Port based on a combination of fixed monthly fee to be paid to the Port, tonnage as to commodities handled, wharfage fees, scale usage fee and possible through put, as relates to the grain bins.

➢ The operator will be expected to pay all lease payments as to leased ground on which the Port facilities are located; maintain Port facilities; provide and pay for utilities; provide all labor and supervision as to the operation of the Port facilities; provide appropriate insurance as to the terminal including liability insurance appropriate for the operator of the facility, with the Port as an additional named insured; Worker’s Comp Insurance; obtain all Federal, State and Local permits for operation; provide appropriate security for the cargo equipment and barges at the facility.

➢ The operator and Port will work together in determining, implementing a marketing plan and strategy for the facility.

➢ Length of Term is negotiable


Port Facilities (See Map HERE)

➢ The Port owns land on which a B-TEK steel deck truck scale with a portable office building adjacent to the scale site

➢ West of the tract with the truck scales, the Port has a lease interest in approximately 1½ acres which may be used as a staging area but can have no permanent structures on the property

➢ South of the grain scales and staging tract is a grain facility on leased ground which consists of 155,000 bushel capacity corrugated steel grain bin, two additional grain bins each with an approximate capacity of 30,000 bushels, a leg with an approximate capacity of 7,000 bushels per hour, a dump pit located in a driveway building with a concrete floor, two overhead hopper bins above the dump pit and driveway building with the approximate capacity of 2,200 bushels each, a control and power room, conveyor with a truck load out area

➢ South of the grain facility and adjacent to the river the Port has an ownership interest in approximately .3 acre dock facility which is used for loading and unloading commodities under permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

➢ The Port Authority has an easement interest in all roads existing or made in the future on property currently owned by Gavilon for access to the docking facility or any other property in which the Port Authority acquires an interest.

➢ East of the existing dock the Port has acquired an ownership interest in approximately 15.08 acres for future development or as a future dock site. The Port does have a permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers authorizing construction of a sheet pile barge dock facility for loading and offloading goods as shown on the plans submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. The permit was issued July 17, 2018 with construction authorized through December 31, 2021.



➢ Any interested operator submit a proposal addressing the issues outlined in the RFP submitted by November 20, 2018, 4 p.m. and mailed to the Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority, 609 Main Street, Boonville, MO 65233 or e-mailed to the Chairman of the District, Kendall Kircher with e-mail address of, or dropped off at the office of the attorney for the Port Authority, Conway & Blanck, LC, 213 Main Street, Boonville, MO 65233.

➢ After reviewing the proposals, the Board or a committee of the Board will schedule a meeting with entities providing what the Port believes are the most promising proposals

➢ After determining the best fit as relates to an operator, the Port and the Operator will work together to complete a letter of intent which will ultimately be finalized in an agreement which would be approved by the Board of Directors of the Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority.

➢ For those persons or entities interested in submitting a proposal, who may need additional documentation for purposes of due diligence in preparing a proposal and may make the request by e-mail to

You can also access this RFP in pdf format here.

Howard-Cooper County Regional Port Authority