5R Enterprises: Request for Proposal

5R Enterprises is soliciting proposals to purchase 18-24 tight, dry hopper barges (box and rake) in very good condition. Covers are needed for 25% of barges for winter storage of product. Timeframe for purchase is four (4) months with a price range from $170,000 – $190,000. For a copy of the RFP document, please contact Chad Cailteux, President of 5R Enterprises, at 815.545.5058 or chad@5rents.com

Proposals must be presented by noon on July 17, 2020.

5R Enterprises, LLC is authorized as a distributor for PLM Duty Cycle and Port Cranes, Atlas and Mantsinen Material Handlers, HKD Blue Dust Suppression Equipment, Kafka Conveyors, Minnich, Wintech, Anvil Attachments, Pettibone Equipment and BTI Attachments.

Additionally, 5R rents and sells equipment tailored to our customer’s needs for port and construction use. Pieces include, but are not limited to, barge loading and unloading conveyor systems, barge haul systems, barges (crane deck, sectionals, hoppers), truckable tug boats, marine equipment (rope, kevels, safety), loaders, excavators, water trucks, attachments (shears and processors), currently owned machine modifications (material handlers through Norris Mfg.) and additional “specialized” equipment.