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Loader/Operator: Fulton, MO

Loader/Operator: Fulton, MO

The Loader/Operator position with IRHR is an entry level position. The Loader/Operator safely operates front-end loaders, tests sand consistencies to assure quality, and performs general labor functions required in the loading, transportation and delivery of the sand and gravel product.


  • Safely operates hydraulic front-end loaders in loading of product into truck bed.
  • Starts engine, shifts gears, presses pedals, and turns steering wheel to operate loader.
  • Moves levers to lower and tilt bucket and drives front-end loader to force bucket into bulk materials.
  • Moves levers to raise and tilt bucket when filled, drives vehicle to trucks, and moves levers to dump material
  • Verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins and fills hoppers to ensure adequate quantity and quality of raw materials is maintained
  • Performs routine maintenance on loaders, such as lubricating, fueling, and cleaning.
  • Monitors and services conveyor used in the transportation of product from the barge to storage areas.
  • Analyzes, monitors, and adjusts sieve screen to assure quality of product
  • Performs daily inspections of equipment and loader before and after use.
  • Performs daily pre and post trip inspections of equipment and completes inspection sheets.
  • Performs preventative maintenance on the conveyors, loaders, and other equipment as required.
  • Uses hand and foot controls to maneuver and position loader forward or backward during the loading process.
  • Maintains and reviews maintenance logs for repair.
  • Maintains an effective system of communications with supervisors, drivers and crew, and customers serviced.
  • Properly and accurately completes daily paperwork.
  • Performs other related duties as required or directed.


  • One-year experience operating front end loader.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • High school diploma or GED


  • Regularly sitting while operating loader.
  • Constantly climbing and descending steps while entering or existing loader to a height of approximately 5 feet.
  • Regularly walking to complete loading, positioning of conveyor, and various tasks associated with daily loading and delivery of product.
  • Occasionally lifts to shoulder and/or front carries of tools and equipment weighing up to 25 pounds from a ground/floor height to a height of 60 inches for distances of up 75 feet.
  • Lift approximately 25 lbs., in to carrying parts and tools to all areas of the loader and plant.
  • Regularly moving and rotating arms up to 360 degrees in turning and maneuvering loader.
  • Regularly pushing with legs and feet to maneuver loader during driving and positioning bucket.
  • Regularly pushing and pulling of forces of to 100 pounds to operate loader.
  • Occasionally rotates trunk/torso left-right to complete various tasks associated with the daily/occasional work activities.
  • Frequently reaches shoulder level height of between 48-60 inches to complete various tasks associated with truck positioning or position of the dump bed.
  • Occasionally ascends and descends ladders, steps and various surface levels.
  • Occasionally kneels, crouches, crawls, or squats to complete various tasks associated with the daily/periodic task of loading trucks and operating sand plant.
  • Constantly maintains both static and dynamic balance to complete various duties associated with work activities requiring standing, walking and climbing.


  • The standard work schedule for is 5 days per week, 10 hours per day.


  • The employee is occasionally exposed to moving mechanical parts.
  • The employee is regularly exposed to vibration and low-level noise in the work environment.
  • The employee is regularly exposed to dust from material.
  • The employee is regularly exposed to daylight and night time operations.
  • The employee may occasionally be outside in adverse weather conditions.

COMPETENCIES: Communications, Leadership, Problem Solving, Technical, Safety Job Type: Full-time Experience:

  • Loader Operator: 1 year (Required)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • Driver’s License (Required)

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