A Maine Not-For-Profit Is Making a Significant Impact on the Port Industry



For Immediate Release: September 15, 2020


The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) is a lean, not-for-profit, educational institution that over the last 6 years has provided industry-recognized management programs and professional certifications to port and maritime executives, managers, and professionals.   With the rollout of on-line management training programs this year, the IAMPE is on track to reach a significant milestone of 2,500 program alumni by the end of the year.

Since its founding in 2014, the IAMPE has promoted training and programs that have been developed and refined over three decades.  The IAMPE expanded its course offerings to include a diverse array of focus areas and has developed Academic Partnerships with Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the State University of New York Maritime College, and, most recently, Texas Southern University.  The IAMPE has 21 port education and industry association partners and the professional certifications are granted though their Board of Advisors comprised of 26 maritime, port, academic, and military professionals throughout the US and Canada.

“We are very pleased with the success this professional development approach has had,” said David Arnold, AMPE-Executive Director of the IAMPE.  “We’re thrilled to be crossing the 2,500 program alumni threshold by the end of the year, and we’re excited to continue to offer accessible and high-quality educational and professional development programming to the industry.”  Participants from all over the United States and Canada, as well as the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, Asia, and Europe have attended seminars host by the Association’s principal seminar leader, Capt. Jeffrey Monroe, MM, AMPE.  Port managers and executives, terminal managers, US Coast Guard, US and Canadian military, law enforcements, rail and trucking professionals, US and Canadian federal agencies and a host of others have gone through the IAMPE’s intensive programs.  “Our programs have sharpened the professional approach to management in our industry and prepare the next generation of port and terminal managers for the evolving challenges of the worldwide transportation system,” continued Arnold.  “We are in the process of expanding our partnerships to institutions across the globe, we are expanding our certified faculty, and increasing our program offerings to accommodate every level of an individual’s professional development.

The IAMPE offers introductory certification course in Marine Terminal Operations, Hazardous Materials, coastal and inland port management, coastal and inland port executive management, continuing education programs, and CLE programs.  Professional certifications at the executive level qualify recipients to receive academic credit provided through the IAMPE’s Academic Partners.  The IAMPE also awards the Accredited Maritime Port Executive Certification to qualified professionals in the industry, which is regarded as a gold standard in the industry.

Programs are reviewed and approved for certification by the Association’s Board of Advisors and the Association fiscal management and policies are managed by the Board of Directors.   Education partners include the Maine Port Authority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Georgia Ports Authority, North Atlantic Ports Association, Port of Alaska, Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators, Houston Port Bureau, the Inland Rivers Port and Terminals Association, Oakley Ports, Lange-Stegman, the Maritime Exchange of the Delaware Bay and River, Little Rock Port Authority, Port Milwaukee, Vicksburg Port Authority, Port of South Louisiana, the United States Coast Guard, Port Tampa Bay, Jacksonville Port Authority, America’s Central Port, and HDR Engineering.

“As we continue to offer our programs, we hope that an ever expanding number of current and future professionals will find a path of personal and professional development in an industry that is so vital to the economic prosperity of our nation and the world,” concluded Arnold.

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