A New Invention for Repair of Corroded Mooring Cells

Our new IRPT Member, Professor Mo Ehsani is an avid inventor with many solutions for marine structures such as repair of piles, seawalls and bulkheads, decks, rising sea levels, etc.  You could Google his name and learn about all these products.

His latest invention shown in this video is a unique way of repairing corroded mooring cells. The solution uses high-strength non-corroding Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) laminates. These laminates come in 10-ft wide rolls in lengths up to 500 feet long. The laminate is wrapped once or twice around the cell and it is epoxied to itself to create a seamless 10-ft tall shell around the cell. If necessary, additional shells can be similarly built to cover the height of the cell that requires to be repaired. The small annular space between the mooring cell and the shell is filled with concrete or grout. A single layer of these laminates is as strong as placing #5 rebars at 6 inch spacing around the cell; wrapping the laminate in two plies is equivalent to #5 rebars at 3 inch spacing! The impervious shell keeps moisture and oxygen away from the cell, bringing the corrosion rate to near halt. In addition to offering a beautiful finish, the smooth surface reduces buildup of debris around the cells.

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