Goals & Objectives

Promote the healthy growth and operation of inland river ports, terminals and intermodal centers which contribute to a more efficient national freight transportation system.

Promote foreign and domestic commerce, economic development and job creation throughout the inland waterway system

Promote river- and port-related commercial and industrial development throughout the inland waterway system.

Educate policy makers and the general public on the environmental and economic advantages of the inland rivers, ports and terminals.

Effectively market the national inland waterway system to encourage: New and existing business opportunities; A viable solution to the freight transportation crisis; A means for providing IRPT members with a sustained competitive advantage.

Encourage continuing cooperation with associated marine, economic development and trade organizations while concurrently refining our own differentiating role.

Hear from our Members:

"IRPT is a nimble and dynamic organization, having the ability to provide assistance and be an advocate in challenging times. The best thing about IRPT is that Aimee and Dede are always ready to help; with a phone call, making a connection, or with an idea."

"I only wish that the other organizations we support could be as productive as you guys.  Keep up the great work!"

"As a newly involved member – I am very impressed with IRPT active advocacy and efforts on behalf of ports and terminals and consider the organization a major voice in the wilderness."

"We are a recent new IRPT Member and I’m extremely happy with this membership. I believe the IRPT team is doing a great job! I’m really pleased with our introduction in to the IRPT. Please keep up the great work! I look forward to all future e-mails and information from you!"

"This is our first year as a associate member to IRPT, and I can say that our membership has already exceeded our expectations. The IRPT staff has not only delivered on what was promised, but gone above and beyond anything that I have received as far as memberships in the past. I cannot recommend them enough to the other companies I work with, and we look forward to being a very active member within the IRPT Family.

“IRPT has given us a direct link to a network of professionals, within our industry, that have the knowledge and vast understanding regarding the River Industry. Without IRPT we would be looking for resources, that quite frankly, just aren’t there. The Directors and their knowledge of the business that the Membership performs on a daily basis, is second to none. Aimee has an outstanding relationship with all her members, that poses no threat to anyone or their business. Dede has brought another level of guidance and perseverance, that allows information to reach further and flow more fluid than ever before. This allows IRPT to share “real time information”, with integrity and character. We have divulged details and information of our jobs, that couldn’t be trusted anywhere else. Aimee’s dedication to the Rivers carries recognition throughout Washington D.C. and the rest of the Country with the highest regards. Truly, IRPT has proven to be an industry leader for Inland River knowledge and influence and is a real asset to 5R.” – Chad Cailteux, 5R Enterprises

As the state representative for the inland river system in Oklahoma, I am grateful to be a part of the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals Association’s membership.  The conferences and basin meetings have been invaluable in growing my connections to industry and federal partners nationwide.  The staff keeps me updated with a stream of information I am sent throughout the year and provides a number of educational opportunities not afforded elsewhere.  Their support and dedication to the nation’s navigational interests and Oklahoma’s direct challenges on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is remarkable.  I would encourage any state DOT, port, local agency or association with a waterborne commerce interest to join.”  Thaddaeus Babb, Director - ODOT Waterways Division

I would like to express my appreciation for all the work you do and how it makes my job easier.  I first would like to congratulate Aimee Andres and the entire IRPT team on your successful efforts in Washington DC, lobbying for our cause.  A recent project has brought to light that our product (salt) is a Top 15 commodity.  I never would have realized that without some help from Dede Smith.  When given an assignment with regards to tonnage, IRPT’s Illinois River Tonnage Report, and guidance from Dede helped me find the sources that made it easier to dig deeper into the numbers.   I would have spent days digging for this information.  Your experience and insight and willingness to help makes my job easier.  


Being a member of IRPT has yielded new friendships, Industry insight, important connections and up-to-date news and information that help us run and grow our business.”  Rosario J DiMiele, Midwest Salt LLC

Benefits to Members

IRPT provides a national perspective on federal legislative and policy issues affecting ports and terminals through position statements.
IRPT keeps members abreast of technical, operational, economic and security issues affecting U.S. inland ports, terminals and river systems.
IRPT promotes and markets the inland waterway system including ports, terminals and intermodal centers.
IRPT unifies the inland ports, terminals and river systems in support of common objectives.

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