Goals & Objectives

Promote the healthy growth and operation of inland river ports, terminals and intermodal centers which contribute to a more efficient national freight transportation system.

Promote foreign and domestic commerce, economic development and job creation throughout the inland waterway system

Promote river- and port-related commercial and industrial development throughout the inland waterway system.

Educate policy makers and the general public on the environmental and economic advantages of the inland rivers, ports and terminals.

Effectively market the national inland waterway system to encourage: New and existing business opportunities; A viable solution to the freight transportation crisis; A means for providing IRPT members with a sustained competitive advantage.

Encourage continuing cooperation with associated marine, economic development and trade organizations while concurrently refining our own differentiating role.

Benefits to Members

IRPT provides a national perspective on federal legislative and policy issues affecting ports and terminals through position statements.
IRPT keeps members abreast of technical, operational, economic and security issues affecting U.S. inland ports, terminals and river systems.
IRPT promotes and markets the inland waterway system including ports, terminals and intermodal centers.
IRPT unifies the inland ports, terminals and river systems in support of common objectives.

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