Administrative Assistant (Wilmington, NC)

Metro Ports is accepting applications for an Administrative Assistant (Wilmington, NC)

The Administrative Assistant works as directed by his or her supervisor (Terminal Manager) to accurately and efficiently collect, process, disseminate, and record the required documents for the terminal. The Administrative Assistant will work closely with various corporate departments to comply with the Human Resource, Financial Reporting, Business Development and Safety documentation and communication procedures of the company. He or she will coordinate the flow and retention of documentation through his or her terminal under the guidance of his or her supervisor (Terminal Manager).

Primary Responsibilities

  • Prepare vendor invoices for processing in a timely & accurate manner.
  • Prepares reports, purchase orders, check requests, supply orders and correspondence at the direction of his or her supervisor.
  • Process local union and non-union payroll in a timely & accurate manner.
  • Enters data into various corporate and local computer systems.
  • Coordinates with Human Resources to prepare and maintain all local union documentation including but not limited to I9s, tax forms, direct deposits, and timecards.
  • Coordinate and assist with new hires with Human Resources.
  • Collects, records and files various purchase orders, handling orders, vessel files and activity logs generated by terminal activities.
  • Prepares bills of lading, import/export manifests, hazardous manifests, and customs submissions as required for terminal activities.
  • Collects and files required terminal permit documents, leases, safety documents and training records. These documents and their renewal dates should be recorded in list form and readily available for review by his or her supervisor.
  • Communicates with Metro’s customers, employees, government agencies and vendors via email, telephone and face to face.
  • Collects, opens and disseminates mail and electronic communication.
  • Answers phones and take messages.
  • Maintains files on various customer contracts and renewal dates, assist Business Development with this renewals as needed.
  • Prepares terminal, lease and vessel invoices for approvals in a timely & accurate manner.
  • Maintains files via paperwork or computer for auditing purposes.
  • Performs other administrative functions or tasks as directed by his or her supervisor. Additional Responsibilities
  • Regular, predictable & reliable attendance.
  • Maintains a neat, efficient & safe office environment.
  • Reports damages & accidents as they occur.
  • Complies with company policies & safety requirements.
  • Maintains organizational sensitivity.
  • Works nights & weekends as needed.


Integrity - Consistently acts in a way that demonstrates an honorable intention to do the right thing in supporting the organization and its team members, customers, and other stakeholders. Confronts any unethical behavior when it arises.

  • Compliance & Safety - Holds self-accountable for working safely and adhering to compliance-related programs, policies, practices and procedures. Notifies management of any potential compliance or safety issues.
  • Client Service - Continually focuses on meeting expectations of internal and external customers by prioritizing their needs and focusing on ways to improve their customer experience.
  • Impact & Influence – Positively and persuasively affects team/ organization in working towards shared goals and objectives.
  • Productivity & Execution - Demonstrates a strong results and quality orientation. Responds quickly and constructively when addressing challenges/ obstacles. Able to re-prioritize divergent responsibilities as appropriate.
  • Teamwork & Cooperation - Collaborates well with other employees in working toward common goals. Willingly shares information and positively supports team members in helping them to achieve their objectives.

Knowledge/ Experience

  • Equivalent of a High School diploma and 2+ years related experience.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other computer systems.
  • Accounting or human resource experience preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to acquire a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card.

Skills/ Abilities Pertinent to This Position

  • Planning & organizing
  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Quality/ detail orientation
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Flexibility/ adaptability/ multi-tasking


Must be able to see, hear, speak and write clearly in order to communicate with employees and/or other customers; manual dexterity required for occasional reaching and lifting of small objects, and operating office equipment. Travels as required to meet accountabilities.


The office is clean, orderly, properly lighted and ventilated. Noise levels are considered low to moderate. As a member of the Company’s operations staff, an employee may be exposed to a great variety of environmental conditions. Such is the very nature of contract stevedoring and marine terminal operations. Some of the work will be indoors, some outdoors, and other aboard ships not owned by or chartered to the Company. Operations staff may work on property owned by the Company, leased to the Company, owned by ports and leased to others, or owned by, chartered by, or leased to our maritime customers. Employees may work around motorized vehicles and the various ships, appurtenances, equipment, and gear common to the industry.

While an employee may work on a single maritime site for the majority of one’s work, special circumstances may require that employees work at a different site based upon the needs of the business. The Company serves as stevedore and/or terminal operator for a wide variety of maritime cargoes for export and import. In all instances, the health and safety of all employees is the Company’s #1 concern. The Company has a Safety Director who will assist employees in the identification of any unusual exposures so that the appropriate steps may be taken to ensure their health. This would include everyone’s full compliance with the Company’s hearing loss conservation program in those specific locations where it has been identified that one may be exposed to injurious noise levels.

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