Alta Equipment Celebrates Partnership with SENNEBOGEN


Charlotte, North Carolina – When Vinicius Casselli first planned to become a SENNEBOGEN dealer in Brazil, he knew that there were many opportunities for SENNEBOGEN mainly in the forestry sector.

He initially thought that SENNNEBOGEN could become as much as 30 – 40% of his sales. He felt that in this heart that since SENNEBOGEN was such a great product, he could turn around the markets’ perception. What he didn’t know was that once the word got out that Envimat was going to be the SENNEBOGEN dealer in Brazil and that they were going to serve the industries properly, that it would grow to more than 80% of their business…in three short years.

At the recent ISRI show, Envimat was the top SENNEBOGEN dealer in the SENNEBOGEN America family. In the top 3 were also Alta Equipment and Tractor Equipment Company. According to Bruce Davis, Director of Demolition and Material Handling, “Alta Equipment appreciates the partnership we have with SENNEBOGEN. We were honored to be chosen to receive this award and look forward to more opportunities in the future.” Similarly, Chad Stracener of Tractor Equipment Company was also very pleased to once again repeat as one of the Top 3. “SENNEBOGEN and TEC share many goals with the most significant goal being providing first class customer support. SENNEBOGEN customers know that they are buying the best product on the market, and expect high uptime. It is our responsibility as a distributor to respond and repair when customers have a failure. We take that very seriously and will continue investing in parts inventory and technician training where we can make repairs faster.

Constantino Lannes and his team at SENNEBOGEN have been great partners to TEC…we look forward to continued success.” Envimat, the company name embodies their main areas of interest – the Environment and Material Handling. Starting with their strength in the forestry sector, they quickly got positive feedback from some of the largest pulp and paper mills in the country. As Caselli explained it, many in the industry were not familiar with the capabilities of SENNEBOGEN material handlers. They kept trying to order machines that were too big for the job, adding unnecessary operating and maintenance costs while reducing their bottom line. He recalls a case where he met with a prospective client and he felt that a SENNEBOGEN was the machine that was needed for the job. After reviewing the job application specifications, Vinicius recommended a SENNEBOGEN.

The client was apprehensive but after some review, felt that perhaps a SENNEBOGEN would be the right machine and ordered 6. “After a few months, when it was time to acquire machines for a new project, they contacted me and placed the order for 9 SENNEBOGEN machines!” They quickly realized the value that Envimat, with their knowledge and experience related to lifting capacities, would make their operation more cost efficient as well as more environmentally friendly. They knew that if 1 liter of diesel burned created 2.6 kg of CO 2 then, every liter of diesel not burned not only saves them money but reduces their carbon footprint. A Win-Win for all parties.