AMENDMENT Navigation Notice: 201096, 17907_NTN-01_HS_JP_2022-01 DREDGING Houston Ship Channel, Texas Exxon to Carpenter Bayou, Jacintoport Channel and Care Docks Pipeline Dredging

Notice Number: 17907-1

Local Number: 201096_17907-1_NTN-01_HS_JP_2022-07

Date: 1/20/22- 10/04/22

The Dredge “Ingenuity” (Inland Dredging Company, LLC) will be operating in the Houston Ship Channel between Beacon 125A and Beacon 111A. Dredging material is being discharged in Peggy Lake utilizing a pipeline.

The contractor is currently dredging Houston Ship Channel approximately 1,200-ft upstream of Beacon 125A and will dredge downstream to Beacon 111A. Contractor’s related floating plant, including barges, tugs, crew boats, skiffs, survey boats, and pipeline will be used in and around the work areas. The dredging of Jacintoport Channel and the Care Terminal docks has been completed. Work is ongoing since January 06, 2022, with expected completion of October 04, 2022.

  • Mariners are urged to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made.
  • Communications is to be accomplished via VHF-FM Channel 12. The Traffic Center guards both Channel 12 and Channel 13 on a 24-hour basis. Respective dredge(s) should be contacted for coordination of passing and movement near operations.



Chris Frabotta
Chief, Operations Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Galveston District