America’s Central Port receives BUILD Grant

America’s Central Port District has been awarded $20.8 million for its $26 million St. Louis Bi-State Regional Ports Improvement Project through the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Transportation Discretionary Grants Program. This project will make several regional investments in multimodal infrastructure.

At America's Central Port in Granite City, Illinois, this project includes approximately 2,050 linear feet of new railroad track, a new terminal access roadway, a new belt system, and barge loading system replacement.

At St. Louis Port Authority, Missouri, this project includes approximately 7,300 linear feet of new railroad track, barge loading equipment modernization, conveyor replacement, loading shed updates, and flood mitigation work.

At Southwest Regional Port District, Illinois, this project includes loading shed and electrical system updates, hoist system and barge loading upgrades, and flood mitigation work.

New grain storage, conveyor equipment, and additional track at these facilities will make the port district more competitive; by modernizing existing assets, the facilities will expand capacity, reduce wait times, and provide an attractive alternative for grain shippers. The project will also increase resiliency and environmental sustainability, as it would allow the facilities to remain open in the event of Mississippi River flooding, which has caused extended closure in recent years.

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