America’s Central Port: Request for Qualifications

America’s Central Port: Request for Qualifications

Design for Madison Harbor Terminal Improvements

Proposals due Thursday, April 28, 2022

America’s Central Port is a mixed-use development located in Madison County, Illinois along the Mississippi River. The Port completed a new harbor facility south of Locks 27 back in 2012. The Port is seeking a design solution to its terminal facility which would increase production and efficiency by integrating bulk storage options. Additionally, the Port is interested in expanding the barge loading operations to provide increased loading capabilities and a reduction in maintenance dredging needs.

This Request for Qualifications is for a Design team who will be responsible for the development of the permittable engineered design of the facility expansion.

The proposed scope is expected to include the following work:

  • Extend necessary utilities the proposed facilities;
  • Review of existing terminal controls system for integration of new facilities;
  • Design of new bulk dry storage;
  • Design of conveyor extension system;
  • Design of new barge loadout structure;
  • Review and design of sedimentation reduction strategy for the harbor;
  • Development of Permitting package for all improvements; and
  • Miscellaneous site improvements.

Please access the full request for qualifications here.