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At our production facilities, we manufacture fertilizers, which are used around the world in the cultivation of crops to feed people and animals. The invention of the chemical process to produce nitrogen fertilizers from natural gas and air spurred a massive increase in agricultural productivity, and enabled the feeding of today’s global population. Our industry's task is to optimize the contribution of fertilizers to the improvement of yield, quality, soil conservation, farming income and food security, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

We produce approximately 1.8 MMT of fertilizers per year via our company Azomures, the largest fertilizer production plant in Romania.

In Hobart, Australia, our division Impact Fertilizers operates a SSP (Single Superphosphate) production plant with a capacity of 200’000 metric tons annually. Impact also operates several blending and packing facilities, where customized fertilizer formulas are produced to customers’ orders.

Ameropa is also a shareholder in Tianjin Shengrui a fertilizer plant in China, producing nitrogen-based fertilizers.

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