Arkansas River Tonnage: 10 Year Average

Tonnage data has been compiled for the fiscal year 2018 from data acquired by the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC). A 10-year average of the 2018 Arkansas River tonnage is now available from 2009-2018.

In reviewing the commodity data prepared by Dede Smith of Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals, here are some of the highlights:

  • Rock, sand and gravel represents 26% of total tonnage in 2018 at just over 2.8 million tons. This tonnage is down from almost 3.150 million tons in 2017;
  • Grains (soybean, wheat, corn, rice, sorghum and oilseeds) represent 25% of total tonnage in 2018 at 2.83 million tons. This too is down from 3 million tons in 2017.
  • Fertilizer represents 23% of total tonnage in 2018 at 2.53 million tons, down from 3 million in 2017.
  • Slight increases were seen in petroleum products, iron and steel and manufacturing products in 2018.

Total tonnage for 2018, according to WCSC was 11,203,256. This is lower than 2017 by 1,015,412 tons.

Looking at the 10-year average, the average Arkansas River tonnage is just under 11.5 million tons/year.

You can access the full 10-year average data here.