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Associate Administrator for Ports and Inland Waterways

Associate Administrator for Ports and Inland Waterways

November 19, 2019: Associate Administrator for Ports and Inland Waterways 

Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation is currently seeking an Associate Administrator for Ports and Inland Waterways.

The Responsibilities of the Associate Administrator for Ports and Inland Waterways will assist the Maritime Administrator in the formulation, direction and coordination of national policies and programs to address the efficient operation of the Nation's waterways and ports as an integral part of the national transportation system. These programs include: congestion mitigation projects; port development, including intermodal connections, terminals, and distribution networks; deep water ports licensing; navigation and waterways development and promotion; marine highway development; passenger and cruise industry; and shipper and carrier outreach.

  • The candidate will be responsible for providing coordination and management for port infrastructure projects and leadership of national congestion mitigation efforts that involve waterway and port issues and promote the development and improved utilization of ports and port facilities including intermodal connections, terminals and distribution networks.
  • The candidate will provide technical information and advice to other agencies and organizations concerned with intermodal development and will be responsible for the development of ways to assess transportation system efficiencies and choke points and identify financial resources that can be used to address the issues and integrate the multitude of considerations in port and waterway development priorities.
  • The candidate will work with industry, including associations, the public, users of the maritime system, and other government agencies to identify maritime and transportation priorities and solutions to issues; create partnerships to address those issues; and communicate these efforts in order to create collaboration and synergy and develop and foster partnerships with local and regional private sector and government officials in addressing maritime issues as part of the national transportation system.

You can view this opportunity in its entirety here.