Association of Pacific Ports

Association of Pacific Ports (APP)

The Association of Pacific Ports (APP) is a trade and information association founded in 1913 as the Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities (PCAPA) for the purpose of promoting increased efficiency and effectiveness of the ports of the Pacific.

Programs of the APP are aimed at enhancing the technical and governance expertise of commissioners and other port officials through meetings, educational seminars, and the exchange of appropriate communications. These programs are also pertinent to the needs of ports’ management and technical staff.

All ports located in areas tributary to the Pacific Ocean are eligible to join APP. Current members include ports in American Samoa, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Micronesia (Marshall Islands, Guam, Saipan, and Pohnpei), Oregon, Taiwan, Tonga, and Washington State.

As drivers of economic growth, facilitating trade and generating thousands of jobs, ports of the Pacific Ocean share a common vision: To provide an efficient, fluid, and cost-effective supply chain in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner. The Association of Pacific Ports assists Member Ports in achieving this vision by enabling the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, peer-to-peer networking, and professional development.

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Association of Pacific Ports (APP)
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