Date: August 22-30

The Contractor for the Norrell project is working on finalizing their closure schedule for the next phase of work. We should have that in the next week or two and will communicate via Nav Notice.

As far as the closures for August, the lock will be fully open (24 hours/day with no width restrictions) from 7:01 PM on August 3rd to 6:59 AM on August 22nd.  From August 22nd to August 30th, the lock will be closed from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM each day and opened with a 70-ft width restriction each night from 7:01 PM – 6:59 AM. Beyond that, he was not confident enough of the Contractor’s plan to share with me. He said he would rather wait on them to submit their schedule in the next week or so.

Also, the Contractor has been working 9 days on and 5 days off. Jon said he assumes they will stick with this pattern for logistics sake. However, once they install the 3-sided coffer boxes – which require the width restriction – more than likely they’ll leave those coffer boxes installed on the 5 off days – which means the width restriction will still be in place.


Josh Hendricks, PE, PS

Chief, Maintenance Engineering Section

USACE - Little Rock District

Operations Division

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