BargeOps Releases Its All-In-One Solution for Barge Liquids Shipments

St. Louis, MO, 2023: BargeOps is excited to announce the launch of their BargeOps Liquids module, designed specifically for liquid shipments. Liquid shipments need an effective management solution ensuring accurate and compliant reporting. These operations are multifaceted, requiring the collaborative work of onshore and offshore teams to perform seamlessly. This demand for time, labor and administrative resources to manage and execute orders properly is imperative. BargeOps Liquids streamlines communication between teams. It places real-time barge and cargo data directly into the hands of the end user and offers automated, precise reporting.

Billing how you want it. BargeOps Liquids tracks all vendor charges in real time. End users have an at-a-glance view of all billable events at every step of the shipment. BargeOps Liquids also accommodates flexible rates and billing terms, including asset tracking. Backed by detailed reports, users can customize and generate bills and invoices while syncing with established accounting systems. BargeOps Liquids also gives users the ability to rebill customers for any vendor charges that may occur.

The BargeOps Liquids module offers tools for logistics management and planning as well as powerful search functions. It also includes activities such as tankerman, inspectors, and hoses. BargeOps Liquids easily integrates with external accounting systems and billing and invoicing tools, and includes flexible rate configurations, contract management, rebill support, and invoice generation. The module’s comprehensive reporting suite includes a liquids trip log and a range of custom reports to meet your specific requirements.

BargeOps Liquids joins the impressive suite of products that leverage state of the art technology and software integrations in order tostreamline barge operations across the board. Other successful modules include Onshore, Onboard, Freight, VGP Compliance, and Terminal Management. These solutions can be used to easily manage liquid affreightment contracts and support multiple trips per contract.