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Basin Commerce Launches Conduit

Basin Commerce Launches Conduit



An “easy button” for shippers of raw materials seeking organization and efficiency in purchasing bulk freight logistics

MINNEAPOLIS, MN October 1, 2018—Basin Commerce today announces Conduit, an industry first quoting and operations engine for buyers and sellers of raw materials. Similar to tm, Conduit streamlines and organizes the manner in which freight buyers acquire and manage bulk transportation services like barge, truck and rail.

Conduit is a shipper’s privately branded quoting and management workflow platform for their network of transportation partners. Delivered as software-as-a-service, Conduit helps shippers save time, uncover price anomalies and manage operational data. Shippers can quickly enter transportation data once in Conduit thus eliminating redundancy and reducing costly errors.

“Since the launch of iBookFreight in April of 2017, we actively listened to the market’s feedback and it became very clear that frequent bulk shippers want their own platform vs using a public Marketplace to find and buy barge freight and other bulk logistics services,” said Pete Olson, co-founder and Chief Builder at Basin Commerce.

With a vision to create the operating system for bulk logistics, shippers of raw materials that utilize Conduit will realize standardized quoting processes and business terms, operational data management and insights, along with analytics-driven knowledge to optimize their logistics budgets.

Olson continued, “We take a ‘start with the customer and work backwards approach’ to product strategy, which gives us the confidence of market fit with Conduit. iBookFreight will continue to serve the infrequent shipper market while Conduit meets the needs of frequent shippers. We are excited to bring 21st century technology to both of these market segments.”

Interested shippers can learn more at

About Basin Commerce, Inc.

Basin Commerce provides software solutions for the bulk freight industry. Our platforms increase efficiencies for supply chain professionals looking to source and manage their logistics activities and for industry participants to easily manage their sales flow. Basin Commerce brings the century-old manual process of bidding and buying bulk freight into the 21st Century through its technology-driven workflow platforms.


For additional information contact

Tom Venable at 612-735-0176 or via

 261 School Avenue, Excelsior, Minnesota 55331

Basin Commerce, Inc. is headquartered on the shores of historic Lake Minnetonka