Blair Ag LLC

Blair Ag LLC is working to expand their footprint as a transload hub to help resolve freight issues presented to producers trying to supply products necessary to plant their crops and feed their livestock.

Agriculture communities always step up to help one another. Still today there is a small company in Blair, Nebraska working to do just that. Just over twenty years ago, six individuals with ties to farming and raising cattle, formed the company Blair Ag that would allow them to source products and supply technical support to other agriculture producers.

Through Blair Ag LLC has worked hard with an eye on quality and affordability to supply various ingredients to fertilizer companies and ingredients to the cattle feeding industry. Given the dynamics of changing supply chains and industry consolidation, Blair Ag has had to change and adjust the products that they handle.

With a focus on customer service, over time Blair Ag has developed a niche in the industry by providing a particular product to both the fertilizer and liquid feed industry, it serves a significant role in two important segments of agriculture production. That product is Attapulgite clay. Attapulgite makes it possible to create both suspension fertilizers and feed suspensions.


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Blair Ag LLC
Ashley Shreeves
Amy Prokop
PO Box 450
Blair, Nebraska 68008
(402) 426-5101