Bulk Equipment Corp.


Bulk Equipment is a world-class fleet management company specializing in long-term heavy equipment rental and supply, field service, and intermodal maintenance. Being brand independent allows us to provide a wide array of assets and expertise that fit customer needs no matter the manufacturer.

Equipment Rental

We know how crucial having reliable heavy equipment is to your operation. This is why we’ve designed our entire heavy equipment supply business model around reducing costs, maximizing uptime, and keeping you moving.

Field Service

Our brand-independent approach to maintaining heavy equipment is an ideal alternative to the traditional model. As a business that has operated and maintained heavy equipment for over seventy years, we understand from past experience businesses don’t always have access to high-level service. This awareness is at the core of why Bulk not only supplies custom heavy equipment fleets of any shape and size, but also provides outsourced service and repair to companies who own their own equipment.

Intermodal Maintenance

Bulk Equipment maximizes the life of intermodal, industrial, and port equipment. With more than 70 years in the business, we’ve made it our priority to find the most effective and economical solutions to keep assets running at the highest level of operation while preserving the maximum working life of the equipment.

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Bulk Equipment Corp.

Steve Deprizio
Chief Operating Officer
(219) 898-4010

Christopher Lait, Executive Vice President
720 West U.S. Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
(724) 992-1134


Phillip Connely
(219) 229-7361