Bulldozer Operator (Miami, FL)

Continental Heavy Civil Corp. is accepting applications for a Bulldozer Operator in Miami, FL. Summary:  A dozer operator drives a bulldozer at construction sites or during other types of industrial operations. In this job, your duties include moving soil, rocks, and debris and leveling the ground. You control the tractor and also operate the shovel or blade on the front of the vehicle.

Job Duties:

  • Greases, oils, and performs minor repairs on machines, using grease gun, oilcans, and hand tools
  • Connects hydraulic hoses, belts, mechanical linkage, or power takeoff shaft to tractor to provide power to raise, lower, or tilt attachment
  • Grade house pads to the 10th
  • Moves hand and foot levers to control hydraulic shovel
  • Drives equipment in successive passes over working area to achieve specified result, such as grade terrain or remove dump, or spread earth and rock
  • Moves levers and depresses pedals to maneuver equipment and raise, lower, and tilt attachment to clear right-of-way
  • Uses shovel to dig trenches and holes of specified length, depth and width, remove loosened material and put in piles or transport trucks
  • Fastens attachments to tractor with clevis or wedge pin hitches
  • Starts engine, moves throttle, switches, and levers, and depresses pedals to operate machines, equipment, and attachments
  • Feels lever and listens for stalling action of engine to estimate depth of cut
  • Performs routine maintenance on equipment, such as lubricating, fueling, and cleaning
  • Drives bulldozer in successive passes over terrain to raise or lower terrain to specified grade following markings on grade stakes or hand signals
  • Moves levers to control tool bars, carriers, and disks
  • Operates machinery while abiding by all safety standards at all times


  • Valid driver’s license required
  • Drug Test Mandatory as a condition of employment
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Must be willing and able to work outside all day long – 8 to 10 hours at a time
  • Must be able to work some weekends
  • Must be willing to perform strenuous, consistent physical activity throughout the day
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds; and bend/stoop and push/pull
  • Experience preferred, but willing to train new drivers


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