Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell is a family of companies with an unmatched team of 7,600 engineers, construction professionals, architects, technologists and scientists. Their singular mission since 1898 has been to make their clients successful. When they plan, design, permit, construct and manage projects worldwide, they do it like they own it.

Burns & McDonnell is a 100% employee-owned company. They tackle every technical challenge, every complex detail, with the intent and attention of an owner. It is what brings their clients back, project after project.

Commercial, Retail and Institutional Construction

We are known for exemplary performance on wide-ranging construction projects, large and small, across the country and around the world. We stand equally ready to offer general contractor and design-build services for your projects in the commercial construction realm.

Burns & McDonnell delivers projects with an integrated construction and design mindset committed to doing the right job, in the right way. That means an unwavering focus on safety, quality, schedule and performance. Whether you need design, procurement, scheduling, expediting or other construction phase services for your commercial construction project, our staff has the knowledge and experience to complete all duties and responsibilities on time and within budget. We have one overarching goal: making our clients successful. Because we aren't successful until you are.

Estimator Estimates

Accurate estimating begins with the understanding that every aspect of a project has a cost associated with it. That's why estimating involves listening to you, the owner, to understand your project goals, predicting costs by understanding market conditions, using supplier and subcontractor relationships for pricing and constructability, capturing cost history and communicating this information in a timely and meaningful way to the project team.

Our estimating department comprises professional estimators who specialize in one or more disciplines, including site, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. At least one of our expert estimators cover virtually every aspect of a project.

Freight and Logistics

When your project is in process, you don't have time to worry about every little detail of getting your cargo where it needs to be. You need it in the right place at the right time. You can trust us to make that happen.

We provide domestic and foreign transportation services and solutions, covering all modes of intermodal transportation — ocean, air, truck, barge or rail — to support your engineer-procure-construct (EPC) projects.

Procurement and Execution Plan

The experience and dedication of our procurement professionals gives your design-build project an advantage. Thorough integration of procurement activities in the overall program management, design and construction processes allow for seamless delivery of engineering equipment and materials at the specified time.


Our Safety & Health Department leads comprehensive safety training, including courses like the OSHA 10-Hour Construction/General Industry Safety Training, 40-Hour Hazwoper Training, First Aid/CPR, and many other hazard-specific safety training courses. The group is integrated as a function of the safety process and is a key factor to keeping a job on time and within budget.

Schedule and Cost Controls

Maintaining control of the schedule and costs is key to the success of your construction project.

Our integrated approach to managing these key factors, as well as other performance measures, keeps your project on track to successful completion. We implement the latest tools, monitor the right data and consult the best-trained staff to bring it all together. We can provide risk management on outside influences that affect your cost and schedule.

Your competitive markets make seamless planning, design and construction critical to project success. Our agile, integrated teams bring your vision to life.

Emerging Contaminants: Improve Site Certainty

Our complete understanding of environmental cleanup and your specific industry helps achieve regulatory compliance and minimize your risk.

Prefabrication Benefits are being Rediscovered

On complex construction sites, prefabrication can solve for challenges in skilled trade availability, safety, quality, schedule and cost.

Mobility: Infrastructure is transformed by technology, creating opportunities for smart mobility systems — a revolution in how people move through communities.

To Expand Your Diverse Supplier Network, Expand Your Thinking

As more individuals worldwide express a heightened interest in being more equitable and inclusive of diverse communities, it is important that corporations consider sharing that objective and expanding their supplier networks. Inclusion, though, should not be limited to increasing the number of diverse suppliers. Companies also should consider expanding the range of project scopes that diverse suppliers are contracted for as well as increasing the level of authentic collaboration with them once awarded a contract.

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