Business Case for Security

Responding to, recovering from, and rebuilding after a physical or cyber incident can have a catastrophic impact on the daily operations of a business, yet businesses of all sizes struggle with the challenges of investment prioritization. Security not only safeguards business operations, but also enhances employee safety and a positive work culture, as well as supporting the organization’s mission and values. Many security professionals face an obstacle when competing for funds within their organizations and relaying the importance of security to the decision makers.

To address this need, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has created a resource for businesses to leverage as they make important security justifications or build a case for expending limited funds on security measures. We are pleased to announce The Business Case for Security, located at

The Business Case for Security aims to help security professionals effectively prepare a defensible business case to support strategic security investments in today's environment of rigorous fiscal stewardship. The product provides an overview of the business impacts associated with a range of threats, steps for assessing and advocating for security investment needs, and industry tips to consider while building a business case for security

Leaders can build and sustain a culture of readiness within their organizations by investing in security measures to drive strategy, policy, revenue, and actions. Researching and understanding a company’s security posture and vulnerabilities allows corporate leadership to be in the driver’s seat and understand exactly where security investments will be used.

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