C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC

At Fenstermaker, we believe in building strong, long-term partnerships. We offer a unique combination of services to assist state and federal agencies in developing smart solutions to complex contemporary challenges. Experienced in collaborating with many types of organizations and government agencies, we understand the requirements and goals of public work. From procurement to project completion, our team of diverse professionals is knowledgeable and focused throughout the entire process.

  • Survey & Mapping
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Technologies

We conduct ourselves in accordance with our ethics statement entitled, “Our Way of Doing Business.” This business philosophy and code of business conduct is the way we operate on a day to day basis.

With a clear understanding of the challenges and goals of our clients, we establish lasting partnerships to provide innovative, high-quality products and services. With the best interests of our clients in mind, we conduct our business ethically, honestly and with integrity. Our core values define the way we do business.

We treat everyone like family and put people over policy.
We place an emphasis on safety and are supportive and empathetic in rough times.

One Company
We leverage our multi-disciplinary strength to benefit our clients.
We communicate, collaborate and execute together, as a team.

Customer Obsessed
We treat others the way they want to be treated – with respect.
We create unforgettable experiences and build lasting relationships and establish partnerships.
Growth Mindset
We believe growth creates opportunity and gives us the capability of building long-term careers.
Be Different

We encourage and reward innovation.
We serve our clients in ways that make the competition irrelevant.
We create a unique experience for our team members.


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C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC

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