Canal Closure for High Voltage Testing (HVT) CSSC Fish Dispersal Barrier

Notice Number: 206655
Date: 04/12/2024 13:00 thru 04/12/2024 17:00

1. The Illinois Waterway from River Mile 296.0 to 296.7 will be closed to all vessel traffic on Friday, April 12th, 2024, between 0800 to 1200 CDT. The purpose of these closures is to perform high voltage testing of Barrier 1 South.

2. In the event that the aforementioned HVT is completed prior to the scheduled end time, an amendment to this Notice to Navigation Interest will be posted.

3. The following link provides access to All USACE Notices to Navigation Interests: (

4. If you have any questions / comments / concerns regarding this Notice to Navigation Interests, please contact Mr. Michael Walsh, Chief of the Waterway Project Office, 815-510-0361


MacDonald, Jeffrey A, Chief, Technical Support Branch