Capital Sand Company


Capital Sand Company, Inc. operates multiple terminals along the Missouri River for our sand and gravel operations. We offer shipping and transloading services along the River’s corridor via portable loading sites. Our largest terminal, Jefferson City River Terminal, is located on the Missouri River and is designed to unload bulk cement from barges. At this terminal we have the capability to load and unload construction equipment, bulk materials, etc. for our customers. In 2022 we were excited to expand into the Arkansas Market. Our locations in Harrisburg, Arkansas provide materials excavated from the Crowley’s Ridge deposit.

Additional services include:

  • Contract towing from St. Louis, Missouri to Sioux City, Iowa along the Missouri River;
  • Contract dredging for channel maintenance, dock maintenance, cleaning water intakes, etc.
  • Deck barges for rent and;
  • Tow boats available for your project ranging from 1,000 HP to 3,600 HP.

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Capital Sand Company
Jason Branstetter
Tim Gibler
Post Office Box 104990
Jefferson City, MO 65110
(573) 634-3020