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*Table includes latest changes to published MSIB*


Location Date Time Closure & Restriction Last Updated
Revetment (Avondale)

MM 108 LDB

MSIB – 066

March 1 0600-1900 No Southbound deep-draft traffic during working hours. Northbound transits are limited to one-way traffic with a slow bell during working hours. The MSU will fold after working hours and will extend 250’ from the bank. Contact pilot for the operation is the M/V William James and can be reached on VHF CH. 67 or 82.


Check-In Points – Contact M/V William James

Upbound Vessels – MM 103, Cargill Westwego

Downbound Vessels – MM 112.9 – Guy Mallory Lt

All local vessels in between 103 and 112.9 expecting to transit through the working area should check-in prior to getting underway.

Mar 1
March 2 0600-2100
March 3 0600-1900





MSIB – 066

March 4-8


 0600-1900 Deep draft traffic is to transit the working area at slowest safe speed during working hours.

The MSU will not fold in at night.

Mar 1
Point Celeste Anchorage

MSIB - 034

Until Further Notice N/A Anchorage closed between MM 51-49 Feb 28

MSIBs Recently Rescinded (last 7 days)

  • MSIB Vol XXIV Issue 009, Carrollton Gauge at 8 Feet and Rising, superseded February 26.
  • MSIB Vol XXIV Issue 014 High Water Safety Advisory: LMR MM 219-MM 237 AHP (28’ and falling), superseded February 28.
2024 Harbor Safety Committee Meeting Schedule
Event Date Time Location
General Meeting March 6 1030-1200 Port of NOLA Auditorium
Industry Day

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May 10 TBD Four Seasons Hotel
General Meeting July 10 1030-1200 Port of NOLA Auditorium
General Meeting September 4 1030-1200 Port of NOLA Auditorium
General Meeting November 6 1030-1200 Port of NOLA Auditorium
HSC Secretary/Treasurer: Ms. Christine Titus @ or (504) 833-4190
Helpful Contacts
Name Contact
USCG Sector New Orleans Command Center (504) 365-2209
USCG Vessel Traffic Service LMR (504) 365-2514 or VHF CH. 05A, 12, or 67
USCG Sector NOLA Waterways Management

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