CECW Columbus Celebrates with Crafts and Camaraderie

In celebration of International Women’s Day, CEC Women representatives Allison DePage (Columbus Office Regional Champion) and Kayla Haman (Steering Committee Member) planned an event for the women of the Columbus office at Makers Social, a locally owned DIY project/bar establishment.

The goal of this event was to celebrate accomplishments, promote a collaborative environment, and foster a positive work culture.

“This night was all about recognizing the value the women of the Columbus office bring to the company and celebrating the professional accomplishments of my peers. Kayla and I wanted to provide an opportunity for the women of our office to collaborate and socialize with each other outside of an office setting,” Allison says.

Hannah Snyder, Assistant Project Manager, (from left); Termeh Hesam, Project Consultant;
and Haylee Roach, Assistant Project Manager, were among the attendees
at the Makers Social event.

“We were both pleased with the turnout for the event. We have received approval and support from Deanna Bobak, CECW Steering Committee Chair, and Bill Acton, Columbus Office Lead, to host the International Women’s Day celebration and we look forward to leading additional CECW initiatives throughout the year,” she adds.

“It is important to slow down, be intentional and recognize the hard-working employees in our office. This event allowed us to demonstrate our appreciation in a fun and engaging way. We are doing our best to retain talented and qualified women in the consulting industry,” Kayla says.

Ashlee Balcerzak, a Staff Consultant in the Columbus office, was among the attendees. “It was a wonderful event. I enjoyed the time out of the office because Makers Social provided a fun and vibrant atmosphere to interact with my other female colleagues,” she says.

As an avid crafter, Ashlee makes jewelry in her spare time and enjoyed the chance to share some of her “outside-of-work” interests and passions with her coworkers. “I will be attending future CECW events in the Columbus office because it is not only important, but essential to support our female co-workers and woman in STEM-related fields. We need to be the difference we want to see in the world. That starts by supporting each other,” she says.

Lisa Brueggemeier, a Staff Scientist in the Columbus office, says, “CECW has made me feel welcomed and valued as a young woman pursuing a career in STEM. I’m grateful Columbus has such a strong group of women who support each other and want to see each other succeed.”


The event was intended to promote collaboration between practices. Hannah Comune, a Staff Scientist in the Columbus office, says, “As a relatively new employee to CEC, the CECW event was a great opportunity for me to connect with other women beyond the ecological practice. I enjoyed learning more about what other types of services my colleagues are able to provide to clients and how they have been able to grow their careers at CEC.”

Allison and Kayla are thankful for the positive feedback they have received. They hope to inspire others to join the momentum CECW has established at the Columbus office and strengthen the employee resource group for the benefit of all employees.