Ceres Consulting, LLC

Ceres Consulting, LLC and Ceres Barge Line provide barge freight management, logistic services and consulting to a variety of bulk and project cargo importers and exporters.  The Company also owns and manages hopper and deck barges and acts as an agent to investors in barges.

Administrative offices are located directly across the river from downtown St. Louis in Illinois.  Hopper freight movements occur primarily between Midwestern states and New Orleans, Louisiana, via the Illinois, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers and involve mostly agriculture processing by-products.  Deck barge and specialty cargo movements can involve any combination of origins and destinations on the navigable inland waterways of the United States.  Ceres also specializes in barge transportation, logistics, and consulting for a variety of allied industries.


The mark "BIG" followed by a number or alphanumeric designator as used to identify an inland river barge is a service mark of Ceres Consulting, LLC for our barge affreightment, management and logistic services.


Ceres Consulting, LLC
Ceres Consulting, LLC continues to grow both its operations and equipment bases.  Ceres continues to focus on providing bulk cargo customers a reliable and client focused means of barge transportation.


Ceres Barge Line
Ceres Barge Line division was created to focus on the growing demand and need for safe and reliable over-dimensional barge transportation in the United States.  This division is customer focused and supported with the assets and strength of Ceres Consulting, LLC.


Contract Stevedoring
Contract Stevedoring division is a small contracted bulk unload operation with services in Texas and Louisiana.

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Ceres Consulting, LLC
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