Channel Maintenance Dredging Illinois Waterway Dredge Goetz

1. The USACE Dredge Goetz is scheduled to start dredging operations on the Illinois Waterway on 2 September 2022 at mile 77.0. Work is planned for various locations between mile 79 and 75 and mile 66 on the Illinois Waterway. Dredging is estimated to be complete on 25 September 2022. Updates will be provided as work is completed.

2. Mariners should exercise caution when passing within the vicinity of the Dredge Goetz. The Dredge Goetz utilizes floating pontoon pipeline, anchor lines, small tenders and skiffs, in support of its dredging operations. For passing arrangements, the USACE Dredge Goetz can be contacted on Marine Channels 82, 13 or 16.




Andrew C. Schimpf, P.E.

Rivers Project Manager