Channel Maintenance Dredging: USACE Dredge Goetz Upper Mississippi River Mile 194 & 184

Notice Number: 201377
Date: 10/07/2022 17:00 thru 11/15/2022 23:59

  1. The Dredge Goetz will start dredging operations at the Upper Chain of Rocks Canal, mile 194 UMR on Friday 7 October 2022 with an 8 day duration, completing on 15 October 2022. Next, the Dredge Goetz will move to the Lower Canal entrance on 15 October, with a 30 day duration, completing on 14 November 2022. Due to the channel width at these locations and for the safety of the dredge, a night time river closure for dredging operations will be used on a daily basis as follows:
    1. 1700 to 0700 hours: River closed for dredging operations.
    2. 0700 to 1700 hours: River open for navigation.
  2. Mariners should exercise caution when passing within the vicinity of the Dredge Goetz. The Dredge Goetz utilizes floating pontoon pipeline, anchor lines, small tenders and skiffs, in support of its dredging operations. For passing arrangements, the USACE Dredge Goetz can be contacted on Marine Channels 82, 13 or 16.
  3. All navigation interests should be alert for, and abide by, any special instructions that may be issued by the Lockmaster.


Andrew C. Schimpf, P.E.