Christmas, COVID and Cancer: Challenge for a Cure

If 2020 didn’t bring enough excitement for us all, a pink barge is adding some color and cancer awareness to Van Buren, Arkansas.

The barge, called BIG HOPE 1, brings awareness to cancer research, and is sailing to Five Rivers Distribution in Van Buren for Christmas.

There is always hope that one day there will be a cure for cancer.

We have all been impacted by the devastation that cancer brings to our lives, either through a battle of our own, or holding the hands of our friends and family as they battle it.

As we add COVID to the mix, it makes fundraising in 2020 more difficult than ever but we all still want to make a difference. Marty Shell at Five Rivers Distribution is personally donating $5,000 to the Mary Crowley Cancer Research in loving memory of his father.

The Christmas, COVID, Cancer Challenge to the river industry is to raise a grand total of $100,000 to cancer research. Will you consider fighting cancer in honor and legacy of friends and family affected by cancer?

If so, please donate directly to the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center at, and put BIG HOPE in comments section on the donation page.

BIG HOPE 1 was inspired by Vince Schu and his wife Julie, who have both had their families impacted by cancer. Vince is a long-time Ceres Barge Line employee in charge of the heavy lift division. Ceres' hope is that we can make a difference in finding a cure.

Through Ceres and its vast network of philanthropic customers and vendors, the BIG HOPE 1 has been used to raise money to advance cancer research and impact patients. The dedication of Big Hope 1 to the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center has touched lives all throughout the country and has contributed to cancer research. Big Hope 1 is making a difference, one stop at a time and you can make a difference too!

As we approach Thanksgiving, 2020, we are so thankful to the river industry family for making a difference and the Ceres' family for their vision, dedication and ambassadorship to cancer research.