CISA: Instructor-Led Cyber Trainings through November 30, 2021

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Instructor-Led Cyber Trainings through November 30, 2021


Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM): We offer instructor-led, hands-on CDM Agency Dashboard training for U.S. executive branch employees and contractors. These trainings utilize a cyber range virtual training environment. These resources are intended for anyone whose agency uses CDM and who monitors, manages, and oversees controls on their information systems, such as ISSOs, CDM POCs, ISSMs, and others who report measurements and/or metrics.


Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Free training geared toward Critical Infrastructure owners/operators designed to reduce cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure and encourage cooperation between CISA and the private sector. This 10-day training is available online 24/7 but must be completed within the 2-week timeframe.

These courses are a prerequisite to attending the in-class 301 and 401 training hosted by CISA at the Idaho National Laboratory.

  • 301v provides training on understanding, protecting, and securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from cyber-attacks.
  • 401v provides training on analyzing and evaluating an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) network to determine its defense status and what changes need to be made.