CISA Launches a Vehicle Ramming Self-Assessment Tool

CISA Launches a Vehicle Ramming Self-Assessment Tool

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Vehicle Ramming Self-Assessment Tool. CISA, in collaboration with the Chicago Police Department, developed the tool to assist the law enforcement community and critical infrastructure stakeholders with evaluating public gathering areas against the risk of a vehicle-ramming style of attack. Leveraged as part of a comprehensive security strategy, the tool can inform cost-effective decision-making and support security capacity building efforts.

The Vehicle Ramming Self-Assessment Tool can be used to evaluate singular or multiple areas of interest, prioritize them by vulnerability to attack, and identify mitigation options for consideration. The tool allows each stakeholder to develop a risk mitigation strategy based on their identified vulnerabilities and options for consideration. Following the completion of the self-assessment, a stakeholder can export a customized report in a variety of configurations to make it available for organizational use. The tool features a section on Information and Resources where users have access to information on barriers, crowd management, considerations for high-speed avenues of approach, and many more security topics with corresponding references.

The tool, User Guide, and an informational Tool Overview sheet, are located on the CISA Vehicle Ramming Attack Mitigation webpage. On the page you will find several products, videos, and resources on vehicle ramming mitigation.  If you need assistance with the tool or have questions, please email 

For additional information regarding the types of threats posed to public gatherings and resources with options for consideration to support risk mitigation activities, visit


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