CISA: Office for Bombing Prevention, October 2021 VILT Schedule

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses provide general awareness level counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) information to a broad audience through an on-line virtual training experience with a live instructor. Perfect for participants with time availability constraints, they can be taken as stand-alone courses or serve as prerequisites for many of the instructor-led courses provided by the Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP). 

There are multiple dates available for each of the following training topics:

  • AWR-333 - Improvised Explosive Device Construction and Classification (IED-CC): Provides foundational knowledge on the construction and classification of IEDs. [75 Min]
  • AWR-334 - Introduction to the Terrorist Attack Cycle (ITAC): Introduces a model of the terrorist attack cycle that describes the nature of terrorist surveillance, target selection, planning, and other activities that occur before and immediately after an attack. [75 Min]
  • AWR-337 - Improvised Explosive Device Explosive Effects Mitigation (IED-EEM): Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of explosives effects. Details the difference between blast, thermal/incendiary, and fragmentation effects. [75 Min]
  • AWR-338 - Homemade Explosives and Precursor Awareness (HME-P): Provides foundational knowledge on HMEs and common precursor materials that are used to manufacture HME. [75 Min]
  • AWR-340 - Protective Measures Awareness (PMA): Provides an overview of the risk management process, surveillance detection, and the development of appropriate protective measures based on facility characteristics. [75 Min]


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Note: FEMA SID number and password are required to apply.
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Approximately 2 business days prior to the course start date, you will receive login instructions.
**All times are Eastern Standard Time. 


Laptop/desktop/mobile device with internet connection capable of running Adobe Connect.