CISA Releases Secure Tomorrow Series Toolkit


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published the first iteration of the Secure Tomorrow Series Toolkit, a diverse array of interactive and thought-provoking products for critical infrastructure stakeholders on how to use strategic foresight methods to identify emerging risks and potential risk management strategies to secure their critical infrastructure systems.

Established by CISA’s National Risk Management Center (NRMC), the Secure Tomorrow Series effort is a strategic foresight capability focused on anticipating future risk drivers, critical uncertainties, and trends—such as aging infrastructure, global pandemics, and emerging technologies—to help enhance organizational resiliency. Central to the effort is the selection of topics with the potential for highly disruptive impacts to multiple National Critical Functions in the next 5-20 years. The three topics are anonymity and privacy, trust and social cohesion, and data storage and transmission.

The NRMC engaged with subject matter experts, thought leaders, and others from academia, think tanks, the private sector, and National Labs to refine the knowledge base for each topic and help lay the foundation for the Toolkit’s products. These products include game templates, facilitator and player guides, read-aheads, and other materials uniquely designed to allow users to self-facilitate and conduct four different strategic foresight activities relevant to their organization, region, or sector.

In a constantly changing and complex operating environment, using strategic foresight to explore alternative futures and potential drivers of change is a potent technique for improving decision-making to manage uncertainty.

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