CISA Webinar: Security and Protection of Dams and Levees


CISA Webinar: Security and Protection of Dams and Levees


The Dams Sector Risk Management Agency will be hosting an Introduction to Security and Protection of Dams and Levees Webinar on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. (EST). Attached is more information on the webinar.

This webinar is a 101-level webinar that highlights fundamental aspects of security and protection for Dams Sector facilities, including risk assessments, physical and cyber threats, security considerations and protective measures, and crisis management. Participants will also learn about resources available to owners and operators, including the in-person, two-day workshop that expands on these topics. The webinar is intended for Dams Sector owners and operators and other professionals with roles and responsibilities relevant to dams and related infrastructure.

REGISTRATION: Attendance is limited for this webinar and pre-registration is required. Please register at:

Future webinars will be held multiple times per year, with dates announced on the Homeland Security Information Network – Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI) Dams Portal ( Please contact our Dams Sector Team at for more information.

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Kyle Wolf MA, CPP
Protective Security Advisor – Kentucky
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Department of Homeland Security