Civil Engineer II, Port Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Port Milwaukee is currently looking for a Civil Engineer II, based at Port Milwaukee. The Civil Engineer II is the principal design engineer for Port Milwaukee and is responsible for the design and specification of dock walls, piers, roadways and pavement, dredging, railroad track, buildings, utilities and other harbor-related facilities.

Essential functions include:

  • Prepare engineering studies, estimates and reports, including conducting any necessary research.
  • Prepare designs and specifications pertaining to harbor structures and facilities.
  • Serve as an inspector on phases of construction of harbor facilities where detailed engineering knowledge is necessary.
  • Assist in the regular functions of a field engineer, including inspecting harbor facilities; surveying; checking lease descriptions and soundings; establishing dock lines and determining dock line revisions.
  • Gather data and prepare reports required for budget estimates.
  • Review private dock construction plans and inspect private dock construction for the City permit program in accordance with Chapter 118 of the City Code of Ordinances.
  • Inspect City-owned and private dock walls within the navigable reaches of the river and canal system, as well as the inner and outer harbor.
  • Prepare engineering designs and plans using design software and drawing tools, such as Micro station.
  • Make recommendations for maintenance or repair of physical facilities.
  • Train division staff on related computer program operations.


Minimum Requirements:

  1.     Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited school of engineering.
  2.     One year of full-time professional civil engineering experience performing related functions.
  3.     Valid driver’s license at time of appointment and throughout employment.
  4.     Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) within six months of employment.


More information:

  • Applications and transcripts should be submitted no later than the deadline listed above.
  • If you would like assistance completing an application, please contact the Department of Employee Relations at (414) 286-3751 or
  • The Department of Employee Relations is located in City Hall, 200 E Wells St, Room 706, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

More information can be found here:



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