Collins Engineers, Inc.


Collins Engineers, Inc. is based in Chicago, IL. They serve the maritime industry in many fashions, including:

Site/Civil Engineering

Collins’ land development professionals provide site/civil engineering services to clients in the commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, and residential markets regionally and nationwide.
Services include feasibility and site planning, grading, earthwork, drainage, and utility design. Project site work includes stormwater management, entitlement and permitting, parking lot design, ADA design, consultant coordination, and construction management and administration. Our LEED-accredited professionals can provide sustainable design solutions.

Marine Structures

Collins provides the complete package of waterfront, coastal, and underwater engineering services, including above- and below-water inspection and assessment; analysis, evaluation, and design of necessary repairs or new facilities; and construction administration and inspection to ensure proper facility rehabilitation.
Collins delivers a diverse and all-inclusive approach needed for waterfront assessment, rehabilitation, and new facility projects.

Transportation Engineering

Collins supports transportation project requirements including structural assessment, design, and construction management.
Collins’ civil and structural engineers build on expertise in all phases of large and small transportation projects to provide practical solutions to clients in state and local government, railroads, transit systems, the construction industry, and other commercial clients.

Energy Facilities

Collins provides structural and civil engineering services for heavy and industrial structures, offshore structures, and inland renewable energy structures. Project scopes range from single structure to multi-structure programs.
Staff available for your project includes engineer-divers, certified underwater weld and nondestructive testing (NDT) personnel, IRATA certified engineers for work-at-height projects, and engineers trained in confined space procedures. All inspection work is performed under the supervision of licensed professional engineers.

Contractor Services

Collins brings unparalleled experience in the specialty fields of erection and construction engineering.
For over thirty years, Collins has worked closely with some of the country’s largest contractors to provide engineering services in support of their construction activities. We work with the contractor’s staff to understand the problem in need of a solution and to utilize the work methods and equipment preferred by the contractor.

Our experience includes construction engineering for the design of shoring towers and formwork, temporary earth retention structures and cofferdams, and extends to complex designs such as girder erection, bridge jacking and moving, demolition sequencing, and the re-analysis of straight and curved girders to accommodate continuous deck pour sequences and the rehabilitation of movable bridge spans.

Collins Engineers, Inc.

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