Coming Soon: New Online Charting App Visualizing Space Operations Hazard Areas

COMING SOON: NAVCEN will be releasing our new Space Operations Launch and Recovery (SOLAR) geospatial visualization tool in the near future. The initial build of this tool will be available in the Coast Guard Seventh District with further expansion in 2024.

SOLAR will offer a practical solution for mariners and the shipping industry to access real-time, geospatial information about space launches and reentries. This information is critical for navigating safely in areas affected by space operations. The tool will be available online at, providing an accessible platform for users to stay informed.

Key features of the tool include:

1. Interactive Display: A visual format for easier understanding of restricted navigation areas.
2. Updated Information: Timely data on space launches and reentries to help mariners make informed decisions.
3. Online Accessibility: The tool is readily accessible on the NAVCEN website.

This tool will align with NAVCEN’s goals to modernize maritime communications and provide relevant, up-to-date information to mariners and other stakeholders.