COMPLETED Illinois Waterway Hydraulic Dredging: Kingston Mines Reach, RM 145.2-145.9

Notice Number: 201433-1/IW 22-201433-1
Date: 10/15/2022 22:30 thru 10/25/2022 10:30

Hydraulic dredging began on Oct 15th at 2230hrs on the Illinois Waterway Kingston Mines reach, RM 145.2-145.9. Dredging is taking place on the left descending bankline with material being placed in adjacent upland disposal area.

Contact the Dredge Barry J, MV Jimmy or the MV Madison on channels 13 or 73 for passing instructions.

Mariners are requested to pass at their safest slowest speed to minimize wake and hazards to the crew.


Jon Klingman
Chief, Channel Maintenance Section Operations Division