Continental Cement Company

At Continental, cement is our business. We started making cement in Hannibal, MO, in 1903 and are the proud producers of high quality cement that has been used in many iconic construction projects, like the Empire State Building and the Panama Canal.  More recently, our cement has been used in the Minnesota Vikings’ new football stadium and the St. Louis Cardinals’ newest baseball stadium.  CCC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Summit Materials, Inc.

We have two manufacturing facilities in Davenport, Iowa and Hannibal, Missouri and nine distribution terminals along the Mississippi River between Minneapolis, Minnesota and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Continental Cement is the proud owner of Green America Recycling, LLC (GAR). Operating facilities adjacent to our plants in Hannibal and Davenport, GAR has been sustainably reusing waste materials for fuel in the cement manufacturing process for more than 30 years.

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Continental Cement Company
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