Crescent RR Bridge & Lock Queue Priority @ Lock 15 & 16

It looks like Crescent RR Bridge should open on Friday, 12-May.  No estimate on what time it will open.

Lock 16 should open Friday night, 12-May.

Lock 17 should open late tonight or early tomorrow.  13 vessels in queue (12 doubles, 1 single).

Most companies have agreed to initially run SB traffic during daylight hours through Lock 15, Crescent RR Bridge & Lock 16.

So, for the remainder of Friday, 12-May and Saturday, 13-May, we will prioritize southbound traffic through Locks 15 & 16 during daylight hours (provided there is traffic in queue) and NB traffic at night.  That should clear out most of the SB queue by dusk on Satruday.

From there, if needed, we may transition to a 4 up / 4 down queue.  I’ll update that as we progress into the weekend.

Thank You,

Casey M. Herschler
Canton Marine Towing Company
Cell: 217.257.1749