Crew Change and Mail Delivery Policies for Hunting District at Navigation Locks for Towboat Personnel

Notice Number: 205565-1/24-04
Date: 01/01/2024 05:00 thru 01/01/2025 04:59

The following policies are in effect for all navigation locks within the Huntington District.

Crew changes will be allowed only when security levels warrant. The following procedures will be used for crew changes:

The towing companies must request permission from Lockmaster or designee for crew changes at least two (2) hours prior to requested changes. If given permission, the crew change will take place at high pool (when lock chamber is full). The crew change vehicle will remain outside the government facility gate until the motor vessel has arrived at the lock. All crew members must be in possession of a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card, with
all other passengers having valid photo ID. A valid photo ID would be either a state-issued driver's license or a state - or federally issued identification card. No assistance will be provided by government personnel nor personal contact will be made with government personnel. If unable to maintain social distancing, face masks will be required. Crew change vehicle will not be left on the government facility or unattended. Once the crew change vehicle leaves, all personnel will leave with the vehicle and not stay on the government facility.

No mail and/or packages will be accepted for any non-government personnel at any navigation lock. Also, stamped mail from boat crews will not be accepted by lock personnel for postal pickup. Personally delivered mail and/or packages will not be accepted by the lock personnel, nor shall items be stored at the locks for later pickup by towboat personnel. The only mail that will be accepted by the project will be stamped mail addressed to the towing company.

If a motor vessel needs parts or service for breakdown maintenance, they must request permission to deliver them to the project two (2) hours in advance. If the Regional Repair Fleet is working at a project, there will be no crew changes.


Browning, Kent C, Chief, Technical Support Branch