Current Ninth District Bridge Maintenance/Activities for Jan 20 2023

Please find this week’s bridge maintenance and activities summary, the bridge Winter Hours list, the FR for the civil penalty increase, and the NEW delay report attached to this email.



Bridge Winter Hours

USCG Ninth District Bridge Delay Report 19JAN2023

Please let your members know there is a new delay form attached to this email. It is lawyer suggested changes we need to make when forwarding the delays to the hearing officer, so it is very important your Captains discard the old delay reports and replace them with this new edition. Delay reports already submitted are good, but Michael might reach out to you for questions.

The new penalties for bridge delays and other infractions are $34,400.00 for each violation per day per vessel. That is anything from a small kayak or a 1,000-foot freighter the penalties are the same.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

Blair Stanifer (216) 902-6086 or

Lee Soule (216) 902-6085 or

Michael Walker (216) 902-6087 or

FAX: (216) 902-6088


Lee D. Soule
Bridge Management Specialist
9th Coast Guard District (DPB)
1240 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44199-2001
Direct Office: (216) 902-6085
Fax: (216) 902-6088
After Hours Emer: (216) 902-6118
Email: Lee.D.Soule@USCG.MIL
Office Hours: 0630 – 1500 ET M-F (except holidays).

Broadcast Notice to Mariners (BNM) are issued on VHF-FM Marine Channel 16/22
Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) are posted at NAVCEN.USCG.GOV []