Current Ninth District Bridge Maintenance/Activities for Mar 30 2023

Good morning,

Please find this week’s bridge maintenance and activities summary, the bridge Winter Hours list, and the NEW delay report attached to this email.

After a brief absence the maintenance list is back, we had some difficulty with MS-365 flagging my account as a spam generator so hopefully that has been corrected. Hopefully, I don’t spend another month in “Coast Guard IT jail” for spreading the great news about bridges.

Delay reports. Believe it or not some lawyers, (including ours) had found ways to debate the simple and good-natured delay report we distributed all these years. So, start the season off right and find every copy of the old delay report and recycle or delete it and use the one attached to this email.

Bridge Winter Hours


USCG Ninth District Bridge Delay Report 19JAN2023

Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

Blair Stanifer (216) 902-6086 or

Lee Soule (216) 902-6085 or

Michael Walker (216) 902-6087 or

FAX: (216) 902-6088


Mr. Lee D. Soule
Bridge Management Specialist