Cyber Alliances

As everyone is aware, there is a growing cybersecurity threat in our country. We are seeing the Department of Homeland Security (especially the US Coast Guard) begin to assemble cyber assessment reports that will eventually be a mandatory filing for all, or nearly all, maritime facilities. The cybersecurity requirements demanded of the rail industry in the past few months give an idea of what will be coming for the inland waterways industry soon.

Cyber Alliances can help a facility on the inland waterways negotiate the new challenges by providing an assessment of its current cyber environment to determine if changes in policies, practices or configurations are warranted. Cyber Alliances has also established a partnership representing over 100 IT manufacturers including 30+ cybersecurity companies to better provide economical hardware and software solutions for these facilities.

If it is determined that additional hardware or software is required to secure a facility, Cyber Alliances can provide a free, no-obligation consultative proposal, which will analyze a facility’s specific needs through a spectrum of many outstanding vendors. Cyber Alliances knows that each facility's needs are unique, and that there is always a best choice for a particular situation.

  • What we offer:
    • System Inventories
      • Includes computer/network hardware, software, users, user permissions
        • Impossible to plan or protect without knowing what you have
      • Best practices - most of which have little, if any, cost
      • Analysis of required remediation (if necessary)
      • Training
      • Assistance with regs that apply the MTSA cyber requirements to ports and terminals. Coast Guard recently released a new cyber assessment worksheet
      • Competitive hardware/software quotes (if required)
      • Future: Network Operations Center with 24/7 monitoring

To learn more, contact IRPT Member:

Cyber Alliances
Dave Wilson, President
411 Maple Rise Path
Chesterfield, Missouri 63005
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